3rd Party Plugins

3rd Party Plugins

What 3rd Party Plugins are used?

The developer of Timber-Boot is very selective about plugins.  You can read the reason why here. This does not mean there are not any 3rd party plugins utilized. There are some very good plugins out there, written with well-optimized code and use a minimal amount of resources. So “why re-invent the wheel”?

Prebuilt Elements and Components: If a plugin does not meet the criteria to be used in Timber-Boot, we will create a custom element, function, or component to do the task.

This is a list of the plugins that are included with Timber-Boot.  * Represents a Pro version of the Plugin and  # represents a required plugin.  All of the others are highly recommended.

  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO * #
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome #
  • All-in-One WP Migration
  • Classic Editor #
  • Clear cache for Timber #
  • Hide Admin Bar From Front End
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • The SEO Framework
  • The SEO Framework – Extension Manager
  • Timber #