Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

What is ACF?

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a plugin for WordPress that is used in Timber-Boot to add additional content fields. We use ACF for example on the Page Carousel component to load the images for each slide on the carousel and to control each setting.

Admin Interface: Timber-Boot uses ACF to create the interface where you can change all the settings for Timber-Boot from setting the color for a button to controlling the layout of post and pages.

Prebuilt Elements and Components: ACF is also used in conjunction with custom posts types to create most of our element and components, from the images assigned to carousels to the ad component.

Optimized for Speed: Timber has built-in integration for ACF, using the most efficient data retrieval. All the defined fields are stored in JSON format for reduced calls to the database, which means fewer resources being used. Hence, a faster loading template.

Affordability: Using Advanced Custom Fields, allows us to write custom integrations requiring database retrieval in an efficient and faster method, saving you money on any custom integrations to Timber-Boot you may need.