Affordability & Cost

Affordability & Cost

Affordable by Design

In version 2.5 of Timber-Boot, changes were made to leverage the patterns that are object-oriented and adhere to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and MVC (Model-View-Controller) principles.

By breaking down the template into smaller “snippets” of code., one snippet can be called from several templates. By changing only one or two snippets of code, components are easily modified to the specifications of the project. New components can use the existing snippets of code where needed.  This allows for less time being spent, by not writing code that already exists.

The front end framework is Bootstrap (now at version 4.3.1).  Bootstrap has numerous components, each of which are now integrated into Timber and Twig by including a template for each component. As this work has already been completed in the base default template, only the CSS  needs to be applied.

To handle the most common layout changes and any CSS changes, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields Pro) has been utilized to store the desired values.  The admin interface allows these changes to be made in the TB Core Setting  & Option pages.  Initial configuration and styling are now handled in a matter of minutes, rather than hours by re-writing the code.  Additional costs are saved for future styling changes, by eliminating the need for the code to be modified.

All of the above was designed for the purpose of optimizing the code of the website.  These same changes, by design, also make Timber-Boot affordable.

Take the time to read about the features of Timber Boot v2.5. The base default template has enough elements and components that, depending on the level of customization required, your site can go from staging to production in a matter of hours. This is why we call it “Affordable by Design”.

The Base Model Template is $0 – Free

ProWeb.Agency only charges customers for work done for their project.  All work is billed on an hourly basis.  With this model, the base template is already completed, so there is no charge for the template.

Timber-Boot is exclusive to ProWeb.Agency and must be installed and configured by us.

Installation, Configuration, and Customization

Timber-Boot is exclusive to ProWeb.Agency and must be installed and configured by us.

You will be billed an hourly rate for the installation, configuration, and customization of Timber-Boot. The important thing here to remember is we only bill for time when we are exclusively doing work for you.

We have had sites go from development to production stage in less than half a day.  That is correct, in as little as 4 hours your custom template could be live.  We have also had some extensive modification requests, where sites have taken anywhere from 10-40 hours.

Even better, let’s talk.  Schedule a free consultation today and see how affordable a custom website built with Timber-Boot can be. Just use the contact us button below.