Choose Your Layout

Choose Your Layout

What are the Choices for the Layout in Timber-Boot?

There are 2 basic layout that can be used.  One is the “Div” and the other is the “Card” layout. The Div layout is a flat layout with no distinction between columns or rows except for the spacing and a possible horizontal line.  The Home page of this site uses a Div Layout. As the row usually spans the template width, it is easy to visually separate with colors or a horizontal line.  It offers some of the utility features of Bootstrap, but not all.

The Card layout on the hand offers much more. According to Bootstrap’s main site: “A Card is a flexible and extensible content container. It includes options for headers and footers, a wide variety of content, contextual background colors, and powerful display options.” This is the recommended layout to choose for archive/teaser pages due to the visual distinction and separation of each card.

With the options of the card layout, you can use options where it looks like a div layout, but has a small shadow or light border to distinguish between where one teaser begin and the other ends. As for the individual pages/posts, it is really a choice of using the div or card layout and which “blends” better with the overall design.

A Blank Canvas: Timber-Boot does not make the choice of div or card layout global by any means.  The nice thing is you can switch layouts and see which is best for the layout of your canvas.

Admin Interface: The admin console allows you to choose between the div or card layout for post archives, single post, single page, and the built in content functions such as events, staff, terms, and latest & popular posts.  On pages that include a component such as Hero Image, Carousel Slider, Featured Items and others, we apply the format to the page type to give you more flexibility.

When choosing the card layout, you also get options for the primary background and text color.  Then you can also change the header/footer colors separately, and override link colors to match. Border colors can also be added.  These color schemes are global in nature as to keep a consistent look and feel of the site when using a card layout.

It does not stop there, in the card layout you can choose to disable the header or footer, and choose what information is displayed in  the header or footer, whether it be the title or a read more button in the footer.  All of this and more is controlled for the card layout in the  admin console and can be change for archive pages and individual pages.

For both the div and the card layout, you get to choose if the featured image is shown at the top of the card or the title.  You also have control over meta information (author, date, and category) and if it is shown in the archive pages and/or the individual pages/posts.

Affordability: With the options for the layouts available in the admin console, changes to the layout can be done with a simple toggle switch, with no need to have any additional coding done.