Event Component

Event Component

What is the Event Component for?

A simple Event Component designed for use by companies and organizations to deliver event information and ticketing. Most event handling capabilities available in a WordPress Plugin.

The problem is these plugins require the use of additional JavaScript and coding libraries. This, in turn, slows down a website due to the resources needed. The worst part is these libraries are usually loaded on each page, even if the page does not show an event. This becomes a major issue for sites that just have a few events a year.

For sites that are centered around offering multiple events and ticketing, the base code is optimized for just that function. In these cases, we recommend a just that.

Prebuilt Elements and Components: Timber-Boot’s built-in Event system uses a custom post type in conjunction with Advanced Custom Fields for creating and storing the information about each event.

SimpleTix integration is included to handle online reservations, ticket sales, reserved seating, e-tickets, and event check-in.

Optimized for Speed: For pages that do not display an event, no additional libraries are used.  On the Home page, a featured event teaser can be displayed linking to the event page, so no additional resources are slowing down the load times.

SimpleTix delivery can be done in an iframe, which will make load times for that page dependent upon the speed of the SimpleTix servers and the weight of the additional libraries to be loaded. We have not observed any major effect on the load times for event pages using the iframe integration.

The other option is to redirect the ticket purchaser to the SimpleTix website itself, putting no additional load on your website.

Admin Interface: The event component itself is enabled in the admin console.  The integration for SimpleTix is enabled when entering the event details.