Admin Interface

Ad Component

What is the Ad Component actually do? Banner advertising on websites is the largest revenue source for sites that are not membership fee-based. This c… Keep Reading

Advanced Custom Fields

What is ACF? Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a plugin for WordPress that is used in Timber-Boot to add additional content fields. We use ACF for examp… Keep Reading

Animation On Scroll

What is Animation on Scroll? It is one of those “when you scroll to here, trigger this animation” libraries. AOS  (Animation on Scroll) wa… Keep Reading

Choose Your Layout

What are the Choices for the Layout in Timber-Boot? There are 2 basic layout that can be used.  One is the “Div” and the other is the R… Keep Reading

Disable Core Functions

Why Disable Core Functions? Like storing furniture in your garage that you will never use, it is easier to dispose of it than keep it. Under the same… Keep Reading

Event Component

What is the Event Component for? A simple Event Component designed for use by companies and organizations to deliver event information and ticketing. Keep Reading