Timber-Boot v2.5 Features

PW.A Cache

Cache Everything? Optimized for Speed: Timber-Boot utilizes powerful cache mechanism that are already built into both Timber and Twig.  Timber-Boot ca… Keep Reading

PW.A Perfect Fit

What is Perfect Fit? Perfect Fit was the idea of the owner of a website that was using the very first version of Timber-Boot.  Once the site was built… Keep Reading

Social Media Integration

What does the Timber-Boot Social Media Integration do? If you have ever installed a social media plugin into a WordPress site, usually the first thing… Keep Reading

Staff Component

What does the Staff Component do? The objective is to be able to deliver a staff directory to any page in the theme without having to duplicate the in… Keep Reading

Terms & Definitions Component

What is the Terms & Definitions Component? The objective is to be able to deliver content from a consistent data type to the theme and display it… Keep Reading

Timber & Twig

What is Twig? Basically, Twig is a template language for PHP. Twig gives you a compact and easy to read/understand syntax. The problem is PHP really w… Keep Reading