Header Area

Header Area

What is the Header for?

The header of any website is vital and strategic. It provides core information about the product or service. This area is often referred to as the “Menu area”. It is the main element for navigation of the website. So in this area you establish your brand, make navigation easy, and create a consistent experience though all of the pages.

A Blank Canvas: The header area should contain your logo and slogan. It determines how a site is navigated and experienced.  Usually it is consistent across all pages, but may differ on the home page.

Prebuilt Elements and Components: Timber-Boot comes with a pre-built header menu that is based on the “Hamburger” menu. This menu is minimal which frees up valuable header area for other needed elements such as the branding logo and slogan.

Admin Interface: The options for the header menu allow a choice of color and when and if the menu expand to show a text link menu and when it should collapse and show the hamburger icon.  Position of the menu can also be set to Top or Bottom of the page.  There is an option to make the menu fixed or “Sticky”.