Home Page

Home Page

The home page is the most important page of your website.

Your home page is the first impression visitors make on your business or services. Timber-Boot has you covered on creating a home page that people will remember and return to.

 A Blank Canvas: Remember, Timber-Boot is a blank canvas where we add and design elements to each page to create your own custom theme for WordPress.  The elements chosen should take into consideration the message your site is to convey and also the resources that will be used to create that page.

Prebuilt Elements and Components: Choose a carousel image slider or hero image. Add a teaser section with animated or static panels to give the highlights of your product or service. Override the standard WordPress content area and add your own. Show off your most popular articles, recent articles or even your staff. You can even add a carousel for testimonials or quotes. Of course, you can a custom element or component built also

Admin Interface: Control the text, turn on or off elements/components from the admin console area.

Optimized for Speed: Since we do not use any additional plugins or javascript for these elements and components no additional resources are consumed, keeping the site optimized.

Affordability: With the pre-built elements and components included and the control of these through the admin interface, most of your custom needs can be met with little cost. You are not paying for us to “re-invent the wheel”.