Pick Your Colors

Pick Your Colors

Are You Ready to Pick Your Colors?

Although it may seem that picking the colors for your web site can be fun, it is also a very stressful part of the design process. There are so many methods to follow.  Should you go with color theory? If so, which one?  To see this do a Google search for “color theory”.  You will see research on how a color arouses an emotional.  You will see a study that tells this color attracts this type of buyer. But it has to be done, and it can be a scary part of the process. But look at this way, you only have 16.8 million colors to choose from.

If you already have an establish logo or other branding, and it is working for you, your half-way there.  You already know what your primary and maybe even secondary color will be. If you have branding and it is not working or this is a brand new venture, now is time to choose. The advice that we will give is this, do your research, but do not forget to ask members of your target audience for their opinion. The second part the final colors are applied right before the site goes live.  If you have a general idea of your color in the beginning, let us know and we can apply them.  This way you get an idea of what the final color scheme may look like and also be able to get feedback.

A blank Canvas: We start the site with the default color scheme that is built into Bootstrap for convenience or colors you give us.  During our phase of installing, customizing, and configuring Timber-Boot to meet your needs, you take the time to finalize your color choices.  These should be:

  • Primary Color – The color that represents your branding.
  • Secondary Color – The supporting color, the second most used.
  • Background Color – What the color of the canvas will start out at.
  • Action Color – The color to represent that an action is needed by the user
  • Supporting Colors – Usually 2-3 more colors.

There are plenty of color schemes to look at and samples of what they look like together to assist you through the process.

Admin Interface: You apply the color you want from your palette you have chosen and apply it to the different elements, such as header, footer, buttons, pills, text, image overlays, backgrounds, links, and if you choose the card layout then also to those elements.  This interface will enable you to make changes quickly to assist in your choices.

Once the choices are made for the colors, we compile those variables into the various static files for optimal delivery.