Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

What does the Timber-Boot Social Media Integration do?

If you have ever installed a social media plugin into a WordPress site, usually the first thing you notice is the increased consumption of resources and page load performance degradation. Timber-Boot is built on optimized code and fast page load times.  The objective here was to design social media integration, without a major increase in resource consumption and page performance.

Prebuilt Elements and Components:With all the functionality of major plugin integrations, the built-in component offers integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn follow me features. For the sharing of posts and pages, it offers functionality for the user to share the post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Custom Integrations can be added for additional social media outlets.

Optimized for Speed: Timber-Boot’s integration of social media does not require any additional JavaScript libraries. It adds a very minimal resource consumption. It does so by its integration with Font Awesome and use of API integrated calls to the social media site.

Admin Interface: The social media component is enabled in the Admin Console.  The settings include the choice of the social media outlet and the follow me URL,  You can choose from the various icons from Font Awesome for each media outlet. Follow me icons/buttons can be turned on for the footer area.  The share me functionality can also be turned on for posts and pages.

Affordability: The built in integration of the major social media outlets and the ability to change the URLs, saves you the charges of having code changed for major changes in social media presence.