Staff Component

Staff Component

What does the Staff Component do?

The objective is to be able to deliver a staff directory to any page in the theme without having to duplicate the information or add any additional javascript to handle the delivery.

Prebuilt Elements and Components: The staff component uses a custom post type with Advanced Custom Fields to collect all the essential information regarding a staff member. The collected information is the staff member’s name, profile image, position, background, email address, phone number, and duties. A function exists in the Timber-Boot template that will gather all the staff’s information and apply it to its own template.

Optimized for Speed: But instead of delivering the results each time, the template with the data is compiled to a variable.  This variable is then entered into the built in cache system. This allows the staff directory to be delivered to different locations without having to do database inquiries that would consume repetitive resources.

Admin Interface: The function is enabled in the Admin console.  The placement is controlled by a setting on each page as it is created.

Affordability: The design of this component, by its nature, saves time and money by not having to repeat the same information into a content field on the template.  The ability to enable the display of the directory on the pages of your choice, eliminates additional costs that would be needed to code each page that requires the directory.